Sub-Zero Cooking (Full Stone)

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Sub-Zero cutting board is a beautifully shaped serving board made of natural high-quality Oak or Acacia wood combined with stone top made of granite stone.

Unusually beautiful fine-dining companion for any dinner arrangement

The warm colors and texture of wood contrast beautifully with the natural black granite.

Stone Cooking, one of the oldest and healthiest cooking styles, returns to your kitchens

The natural granite withstands and retains low and high tempereture equally well. This means flexibility of usage. The tray can be put in the freezer to cool down and thereafter to be used as a cold platter for cheese or other food that's best served cold. The tray can be also heated up in the oven and then used as a heating plate for fine dining food.

Designed by Tor Hadsund exclusively for MOZOW. As the name suggests, this cooking tray is ideal for the cold platter style serving of dishes, or it can be heated up and used for one of the oldest and healthiest cooking techniques — the Stone Cooking.


  • Acacia/ Natural teak color.
  • Black Granite.
  • Dimension : 439 x 267 x 23 mm

Now accessible to all foodies. Packed one set per box.